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Driving Traffic to Your Website

Driving traffic to your website can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be! With the right plan of action, you can create increased engagement with users, therefore opening the doors to more clients for your business. These tips can help take your website and business to the next level. Prioritize Usability … Read more

Referral Marketplace Partnership Announced

Bridge Loan Network has developed our Referral Marketplace as a way to connect investors and brokers to the perfect lending solution for 5 years, helping countless brokers close more deals and organize their business. As our team takes great pride in continuing to improve our product and software offerings we’ve continued to grow from a … Read more

Protecting Your Home Against Hurricanes

2020 has been pretty unpredictable thus far, including the weather.  Safety is the utmost importance during these unpredictable storms, but of course, you want your home to be protected too! Here are some ways to help protect your home against hurricanes. Impact-resistant windows and doors Invest in impact-resistant windows and doors. With these in place, … Read more

Keeping Your Information Safe Online

With many employees working from home, unfortunately, the traffic of account hackers has also increased. And many of their tactics have gotten more clever for obtaining information online. Be sure to keep your accounts and information safe with these tips and tricks. Variation Although simplicity may seem like the best way to go for memory’s … Read more

Networking to Grow Your Business

Many of us have heard the phrase “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know”. While some may argue the validity of that statement, it’s no secret that networking plays a large role in various industries. You’ve learned networking as an individual, but how do you transfer that to your business? Online Engagement A … Read more

Adding a Touch of Technology to Your Property

Investing in a fix & flip property but not sure how to make it unique? Or maybe you’re searching for more investment rental properties but aren’t quite sure what to pinpoint. Alexa has certainly brought many of us into a new sector of technology in our homes. But have you ever thought about taking it … Read more

Working from Home Tips and Tricks

Many companies, including Bridge Loan Network, have implemented a new policy where employees are to work remotely during this coronavirus pandemic.  And if you’ve never worked from home before or for this long of a time, then this can be a bit challenging. Here are four tips for working remotely during this time: Stick to a … Read more

House Hunting Through Technology

This quarantine has surely changed everyone’s day to day routines. We have all had to adjust to the world as we know it while maintaining as much normalcy as possible. The real estate industry has been navigating through these trying times, just like everyone else. One thing for sure that many have relied on is … Read more

Utilizing Social Media to Benefit Your Business

It’s no secret that social media can go a long way. And when used effectively, it can make great differences in your business. Platforms such as Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook have taken off to allow individuals to reach a broader audience. Social media is amazing nowadays, and you can quite literally reach people across … Read more

Importance of Submitting Full Loan Package

When you or your client has a loan scenario that is ready for a lender to review, you know that time is of the essence, and you have to move quickly. This is why it is extremely important to present the lender with all the loan information upfront so they can quote accurate leverage and … Read more