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Marketing Your Rental Property to Millennials, Here’s What You Should Know

If there was ever a model generation for landlords to have in their rentals, millennials would be that generation. Born in the 1980s to the 2000s, the millennial generation has far outnumbered other generations, such as the Baby Boomers, and while the Baby Boomers have recovered from the Recession of the 2000’s, the millennial generation has … Read more

49th Hard Money Pitbull Conference

Bridge Loan Network is attending and exhibiting at the upcoming 49th National Hard Money Pitbull Conference in California. The Pitbull Conference which is taking place June 2nd through 3rd at the Beverly Hilton Hotel is the oldest and largest organization of its kind in the country. Their mission is to educate brokers, lenders, and investors … Read more

Landlord Tip: How to Get Your Property Summer Renter Ready

The warm summer months are one of the most active times of the year for the real estate industry.  This is a time when college graduates move to new cities following jobs, and families feel more secure looking for a new home now that their kids are out of school for the summer. If you … Read more

Investor Advice: The Importance of the Rehab List

How important is the rehab list for a fix and flip project, really? The answer is simple, it’s extremely important. Having a detailed list of all the renovations needed when applying for a fix and flip loan is vital for the appraiser to develop a better understanding of the scope of the project and how … Read more

2019 National Private Lender Expo

Bridge Loan Network is excited to be attending and exhibiting at the upcoming National Private Lender Expo in New York. The Expo which is taking place May 16th at the Staten Island Hilton Garden Hotel is a one of a kind networking event where private lenders, investors, and mortgage brokers from across the country meet … Read more

The Importance of Background Reporting

In a continued effort to provide superior customer service and product updates to our clients we launched our Broker User Survey earlier in the year to gain a greater insight into how we are doing. Many of our survey results highlighted the need to focus training on the services we offer in our software, including … Read more

Selecting Your Next Investment Property

When fixing and flipping or fixing and leasing real estate properties there are some important aspects to take into consideration before moving forward with the project.  The fix and flip corner in real estate investing can be highly profitable for investors, but it’s important to choose your projects wisely so you do not overextend yourself … Read more

How to Find a Technology Solution for Your Team

Top real estate professionals are always on the lookout for new tools and technology solutions to help their businesses gain a competitive advantage over their competitors. Plus, it’s also getting harder and harder to compete in the real estate industry without utilizing the right technology solutions. To help determine the software solution that will be … Read more

Four Simple Steps to Improve Your Credit Score

There’s no shortage of creative financing options available to investors, but one of the most popular methods to finance a real estate investment property is with the use of private or hard money lending. These lenders will look at experience level, financial history, and credit scores when determining if a loan scenario is a right … Read more

Real Estate Investing: Planning Your Exit Strategy

When investing in real estate, it’s important to have an exit strategy, in the overall plan. This is especially important when choosing to use a private lender for funding. For example when determining the exit strategy ask yourself; is this a property you want to renovate and sell as quickly as possible, or are you … Read more