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Streamline Your Process with Bridge Loan Network

Bridge Loan Network is the industry solution for streamlining the process of originating hard money loans. With more features than before, your company can do more on Bridge Loan Network’s Loan Origination System (LOS). Our team has taken some of the most tedious tasks and offered them to you with the click of a button. … Read more

Appraisal Nation and Bridge Loan Network

Bridge Loan Network has recently partnered with Appraisal Nation to make it simple for lenders to order appraisal directly through Bridge Loan Network. With one click you can order an appraisal for any property nationwide. In the private money industry, time is one of the most valuable assets. Appraisal Nation saves your company time by … Read more

Is Your Current Process Killing Productivity?

Simply stated, how your lending process is structured holds a significant role in how efficient, compliant and quick your organization is in processing a loan from application to closing. Quite often we meet individuals whose main form of a “Loan Origination System” or “Loan Management System” is with many, many excel files and back and … Read more

Protected: What’s New: July LOS Updates

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Bridge Loan Network’s Referral Program

Referrals Welcome! Let’s Grow Our Businesses Together Bridge Loan Network has developed Bridge Lend, a Referral Program that serves as a centralized location for real estate investors, contractors, REO Agents, and other members of the real estate industry to find hard money financing for their clients and receive a commission for the referral. The premise … Read more

How to Find a Technology Solution for Your Real Estate Team

Top real estate professionals are always on the lookout for new tools and technology solutions to help their businesses gain a competitive advantage over their competitors. Plus, it’s also getting harder and harder to compete in the real estate industry without utilizing the right technology solutions. To help determine the software that will be the … Read more

Benefits of Adding Tech Upgrades to Your Next Investment Property

Many real estate investors are seeing an increasing demand to add technological or “smart” upgrades to their projects. This is attributed to both an increase in desire from prospective tenants or homeowners and to the additional value, these smart upgrades add to the properties. According to Consumer Reports, smart home features can boost your home’s resale … Read more

Bridge Loan Network Exhibiting at the 2018 Real Estate Symposium

A Team from Bridge Loan Network will be exhibiting at the 2018 Real Estate Symposium presented by Green River Capital, Red Bell Real Estate and ValuAmerica. The Real Estate Symposium, which is taking place February 28th through March 2nd at the Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City, Utah is a nationwide leading conference for … Read more

Exciting New Software Features

As you know, our system has the ability to track your client’s loan from beginning to end. However, we are constantly striving to add more features in order to decrease the amount of work involved for all parties and increase closing efficiency. That’s why Bridge Loan Network is excited to introduce our newest feature, the … Read more

Using the Bridge Loan Network Platform to be Profitable

The Bridge Loan Network lending portal is robustly unique. With just a click of a button brokers can submit loan packages that can be viewed by multiple lenders. Lenders, these deals must be fully completed before they are let into our portal meaning you don’t have to waste your time tracking poor leads. Our goal … Read more