Bridge Loan Network

BridgeLoanNetwork, LLC is a leading, online portal in the asset-based lending space. By providing a centralized platform for submitting deals, Bridge Loan Network is technology that connects brokers and lenders.

Formed in a booming real estate market with the help of mortgage brokers and private lenders, Bridge Loan Network has built their Loan Origination System and Web Application Sites around their customers’ workflow processes and team dynamics. Bridge Loan Network provides the software for the entire lifecycle of a loan. With this exclusive lending portal, brokers and lenders can process deals faster.

Jonathan Allen

Jonathan Allen, President of Operations, is responsible for the day-to-day operations of BridgeLoanNetwork, LLC. Joining the company in 2013, Allen led the efforts in developing a unique software for the Private Lending space. Since Bridge Loan Network’s launch of their Loan Origination System and Web Application Integration Software, Allen has on boarded over 300 Brokers and Lenders. Allen’s previous experience in the asset-based lending space and his entrepreneurial mindset has helped him serve as a leader in developing new business and strategic partnerships for the company.

Success is No Accident

“It is our mission to provide superior technology that advances the real estate industry in terms of brokerage, lending and borrowing. More specifically, we aim to provide a service that caters to the unique needs of private lending. By streamlining the loan process, our clients are able to increase workload efficiency, close more deals and simply put, make more money. In turn, our clients can carve out more time for other work or daily life priorities. We hope you enjoy the features and the customization of our products. We look forward to a long partnership which allows us to continue to revolutionize the way we work.”

– Jonathan Allen, President of Operations