Become A Bridge Loan Network Super Affiliate

Bridge Loan Network has developed the Super Affiliate Program for REO Agents, Realtors, Contractors and Real Estate Investing Groups to help their clients find hard money financing for their investing needs.

It’s a simple process where you can direct your clients to submit their loan requests on your custom loan application. The application can be as simple as a link in your email signature to an image embedded in your website. When the loan closes, you receive a commission for referring the deal! No other work is needed, our lenders will take over everything once they pick up the deal.

Benefits of Being a Super Affiliate:

  1.  Earn up to half a percent on each loan that closes

  2.  Fast pre-approval of deals within 24-hours of receiving a completed application

  3.  Responsive and reliable USA-based customer service

  4.  Access our free Loan Management System

  5.  Our Network includes over 150 Private Lenders specializing in real estate investment loans with competitive terms and rates

Offer your members direct financing options for their real estate investment projects and earn a commission for every closed deal!

To start the process of becoming a Super Affiliate with Bridge Loan Network, complete the form below.