Work smarter, not harder

As a broker, you know that the financial landscape has changed drastically in the past few years and that the credit markets are tight. To be successful in the private asset-based lending space, you have to move quickly and have all your documents in order. It's easy to get buried under the mountain of paperwork that some private lenders require and the process of extracting these documents from clients can be excruciating.

Axis to the rescue.

Axis is an innovative product offered by BridgeLoanNetwork — the leading online platform for private asset-based loans. As part of this offering, you get a custom website designed on the Axis platform specifically for you and tailored for your business. Your new website will serve as a loan portal and offer a simplified loan entry process for clients. With it, you and your clients can collaborate and exchange information to quickly process a loan.

Here's how it works.

  • BridgeLoanNetwork designs your custom website by selecting a creative domain name for your business or by using one that you already have;
  • Clients go to your custom-built website;
  • Once there , they sign up and receive a user ID;
  • Clients enter all pertinent information about themselves, the subject property and the type of loan that they are seeking;
  • Axis features a state-of-the-art document management system which allows clients to upload their documents (such as tax returns and bank statements) directly into the system; this client-based loan entry approach frees you up and allows you to focus on generating more business; you retain full control because Axis sends you notices when clients load documents; Axis also updates a list of items needed to complete the loan file;
  • A built-in messaging system allows you to communicate with clients to identify and secure missing documents or for follow up;
  • Clients are able to track the progress of their loan at any time by logging in to your website;
  • You and your clients have instant access to the loan documents anywhere because it is stored securely in the cloud;
  • Once the loan package is complete, you can present it to over 50 pre-screened asset-based lenders with just one click of a button; together, they comprise the lenders in the BridgeLoanNetwork; the list is growing rapidly and each lender specializes in asset-based loans that can get your client's project funded;

Your website can be created in as little as 3 business days and includes:

  • Seven default web pages customized to uniquely brand your business;
  • Handy loan calculators and tools for your clients to use;
  • Default verbiage and templates which can be customized for your specific business;
  • Ability to add more text, images and add additional pages to strengthen your brand;
  • Protection of your leads and accurate tracking and control so that you get paid for your business;

The cost of this service is just $199 per year and the full amount is rebated when you close just 3 deals annually on BridgeLoanNetwork.

For more information on Axis, contact BridgeLoanNetwork today by calling (860) 432-9700.

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