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Tools For Reaching Your Goals in the New Year

The new year can be a great time to set personal and business goals around productivity and planning. It’s a fresh start and helps to set the tone for the rest of the year. In this article, we’re going to look at some of our favorite tools that we use that we hope can help you achieve your goals!

Task Tracking & Planning is a step above your typical paper and pencil to-do list and agenda. Monday helps you keep track of time-sensitive deadlines for major projects, industry conferences, personal work tasks, event planning, and more. Monday also has the ability to share specific workspace boards with the whole team to help keep everyone on the same page and up to date. It also allows you to assign specific tasks to team members, leave notes and attach relevant files.

Social Media Content Planning

If you have your own social media pages or help publish content for your business pages, there are different tools available to help you reach any social media goals you may set. Canva is a very helpful tool to make quick social media graphics. With free and paid versions, you have options for every budget. You can even upload all your branding elements, create video posts and create branded templates.

Once you have the content ready to be published, SocialPilot is a helpful tool for social media scheduling. Schedule your posts for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and many more social media platforms. And if you need a quick graphic put together, you can use your Canva account right in the SocialPilot platform. SocialPilot allows you to see your social media posts in a calendar view by month, week, or day. You also have the ability to track analytical data on your posts, to adjust your strategy appropriately to reach your goals. If you want your content to be lined up in a specific way across all your platforms, SocialPilot will be a huge help.

Spark of Inspiration is a helpful tool to help give ideas for social media captions and content ideas. It is an extremely helpful tool for creating social media captions and copywriting support. If you’re looking for a specific word that you can’t quite find, can help spark inspiration. It is as simple as typing in some keywords, picking a tone, and generating the content. This could give you ideas for a blog post, social media captions, or even hashtags for content.

Schedule Planning

Calendly is a helpful resource for booking appointments and/or meetings. It allows you to easily share your calendar’s availability, making setting up meetings easy and painless. The need to send emails back and forth trying to find a time and date that works for everyone is eliminated, giving you more time for productivity!

Now that you have some inspiration and resources for setting yourself up for success and reaching your goals in the new year, another valuable resource to add to your toolbox is our Bridge Loan Network Platform. Through utilizing Bridge Loan Network’s Loan Management System, you can help increase the volume of your closed deals and bring in additional revenue for your company. Connect with our team to learn more!

Tradeshows: Post-Show Reflections

Now that you’ve had a successful show, it’s time to determine how successful this venture was for you and your business. How you determine success is ultimately up to you. You may decide to base the success on how many deals you closed with connections made at the show. Or maybe you base your success on how many new connections you made while there. Ideally, you should set these success metrics before the show begins, to help ensure tracking post-show success runs smoothly.

When it comes to following up with new connections, start by reaching out through email. Thank them for coming to the show, connecting with you and recap your business and how you can work together towards a common goal. Include any application links you may have, as well as general information about your business as a refresher, based on any conversations you had while at the show. If one of your success metrics is to set up meetings or product demos with your new connections, Calendly can make scheduling these meetings simple. If you have a Calendly account, you can include your appointment link for simple scheduling through email.

Reflecting on the show, it’s important to review your performance, but it’s also important to reflect on the overall atmosphere of the show. What did you do throughout this show that worked well to reach your success metrics? And is there anything that you can do for the next one to make it even more successful?

If you are exhibiting at the show, it’s helpful to review the logistics post-show. What were some specifics of the floor set-up? Your booth location on the show floor can make a significant difference in the overall performance throughout the show. Centralized locations and those near main egress doors usually provide ample foot traffic, which can present relevant deal scenarios. It may also be possible that you found your booth location was surrounded by companies or brands not in line with your customer base, and your booth performance lacked as a result.

Overall, consider if the show was right for you. Was it worth your time and effort to attend, and would it be beneficial to go again? Or maybe you determine you didn’t have success, and that’s okay. Take time to reflect on this show and figure out what you should change for the next show. Now you have determined your success metrics and what you’re looking for in a show you can better determine what is needed to be successful in the future.

Tradeshow: Preparation Tips

There is a lot of behind-the-scenes work that goes into tradeshows, and it isn’t just what you see in the exhibit hall. Behind every exhibit are months of pre-planning, and post-show reflections. A successful tradeshow is the outcome of good planning and the right preparations. And as cheesy as it might sound, you really do get out of a tradeshow what you put in.

Research the individuals who will be attending. Who are they, and what might they be looking for while there? Learning who is attending can also help you plan out who you will talk to. If you see someone that you have either done business with in the past or someone you’ve had conversations with in the past and want to reconnect, reach out and see about setting up meetings with them. 

In addition, create goals for the tradeshow, both personal and business, and create a plan of action on how you can achieve those goals. By setting your expectations realistically for the event, and how you can best use your time and resources, you’ll be able to achieve or exceed those goals.

If your company has a booth location, schedule a time for your team to do a test setup before shipping the items to the tradeshow. Ensure everything works the way it should, and that nothing is broken or missing pieces. It makes it easier on yourself and your team if you know how to set up your booth before you get to the tradeshow floor. You might only get a few hours or less of set-up time, so it’s best to use the time wisely. The more time you have can be used for any last-minute emergencies that might pop up. 

Alongside ensuring your booth setup is good to go, print materials and handouts are key in sharing your company’s offerings with potential customers. If you think you have enough print materials, you probably don’t have enough! It’s always better to have over-estimated how many print materials to send than not having enough. The worst thing that can happen to you is someone wants information about you, or your company, and you don’t have any more print materials to hand out. If this does ever happen, and it might, the best course of action is to take their contact information down and send them a digital version of your materials.  

Be sure to bring materials to market yourself and the business you represent, including business cards. You are there to make connections. The people you meet may end up being a very useful resource down the road. So, bring a decent-sized stack of your business cards with you so that you can share your information with people.

Networking and making connections are key components of tradeshows. Even if there are no formal networking opportunities, speaking sessions, cocktail hours, parties and other events associated with the tradeshow are a great way to meet other people in your industry. While you’re networking, it is also a good idea to have some way to organize business cards and contacts that you made during the event. Some shows have an event-specific app with contact info for all the confirmed attendees, but sometimes you will need to store a contact on your own. This may be as simple as pen and paper, but some apps allow you to scan business cards and record their contact info and any notes in one place. You can also jot notes down on any business cards you collect from people, to help personalize your follow-up when back in the office.

These are just some of the things you can do pre-show to prepare yourself. There is a lot more on the technical side of tradeshows that is equally important. But these are great starting points to keep in mind regardless if you are going to your first tradeshow or your 500th.

56th National Private Lending Event Pitbull Conference

Bridge Loan Network is preparing to return to Las Vegas one last time this year. We are looking forward to being an exhibitor at the 56th National Private Lending Event Pitbull Conference. Join us at The Venetian Resort in Las Vegas November 6th through the 8th for networking, speaking sessions and a golf tournament.  

Pitbull is a 3-day event for real estate professionals that includes presentations on a wide range of topics pertaining to real estate based private money financing. The scheduled speakers represent all facets of the industry and will provide insight into the market, including our own Business Development Specialist, Jacob Therrien, who will be speaking on the Service Providers Panel on Tuesday, November 8th.  

Be sure to swing by our booth to talk with our Marketing Manager, Erica Sikoski and Business Development Specialist, Jacob Therrien

Learn more about Pitbull Conference HERE and find the full conference schedule HERE.

8th Annual NACLB Conference

Bridge Loan Network is attending the 8th Annual NACLB Conference at Caesars Palace November 1st through 3rd. The National Alliance of Commercial Loan Brokers (NACLB) conference is dedicated to serving the commercial loan and mortgage broker community and lenders who rely on brokers for deal flow. Over 900 of the nation’s top commercial loan, leasing and mortgage brokers will be converging to meet the top lenders and service providers that cater to the brokerage community. These brokers are responsible for over $5 billion in small business and commercial financing each year.

This NACLB annual conference will provide education and networking between brokers lenders and service providers.

In addition to exhibiting, our Business Development Specialist, Jacob Therrien, will be presenting on two panel discussions: “Resources for Today’s Brokers” and “Technology for Today’s Broker”. Be sure to add them to your calendar and stop by our booth to meet with Broker Account Managers Jordan Wells and Pamela Blakes!

You can find more information about NACLB by clicking HERE, and find the full schedule of conference events HERE.

We look forward to meeting you there!

AAPL 13th Annual Conference

Bridge Loan Network is proud to announce that the team will be returning to Vegas for AAPL’s 13th Annual Conference from October 19th through October 21st.

The American Association of Private Lenders is the oldest and largest national association for the private lending industry. Each year we host the nation’s largest private lending event at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, featuring the right mix of comprehensive education (no sales pitches here!), networking, and of course plenty of classic Vegas fun.

The AAPL Annual Conference is 3 days filled with more than 45 speakers, 65 exhibitors, and over 600 attendees. AAPL Annual brings together owner-operators and c-suite executives from across the private lender, broker, capital, and service provider spaces. If you are serious about your involvement in the private lending industry, the AAPL conference is the place to be.

Be sure to stop by the Bridge Loan Network booth to talk to Marketing Manager Erica Sikoski and Broker Account Manager Jordan Wells.

Find more information on AAPL’s 13th annual conference by clicking HERE.

NAMB National 2022

The Bridge Loan Network team is preparing to return to Vegas for this year’s NAMB National at Caesars Palace October 7th through 10th. Join thousands of others for three days packed with hands-on instruction, networking, and shockingly refreshing fun! The National Association of Mortgage Brokers is the voice of the mortgage industry, representing the interests of mortgage professionals and homebuyers since 1973.

NAMB members include small business owners, loan originators, account executives and other industry professionals. NAMB is committed to promoting the highest degree of professionalism and ethical standards for its members. NAMB is setting the industry standard and setting you up for success at every level.

Be sure to stop by our booth and talk to Marketing Manager Erica Sikoski, Broker Account Manager Kristina Pfau, and Operations Manager Matt Volz! We look forward to meeting you!

Find more information about NAMB and the full schedule for NAMB National by clicking HERE!

Social Media Presence: Tips and Tricks

Being active on social media is important in many industries, including the real estate industry. And keeping your social media pages like Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, for yourself as a real estate professional and your company’s social media pages, up to date shows that you are an active member in the industry as well as your company. Updating your social media pages allows your followers and clients to stay in the know about your company, new features, programs, events, sponsorships, and partnerships you are involved in. 

Holiday Promotion: 

Holidays are a great chance to showcase important updates like holiday hours or closures and also have a little bit of fun in the posting. If there is a national holiday that is “on brand” for your company, get creative! Our company, Bridge Loan Network, recently posted celebrating National Video Games Day, which matched other promotions we’ve published throughout the year. A quick search on National Holidays can turn up fun and easy ways to add content to your social media profiles each month.  

Event Participation

Events are a great opportunity to network and make new business connections and partnerships, so it’s a great idea to promote these to your audience! Sharing the general timeline of the event, the educational content and how you and your company are participating are great ways to create engagement online. For example, our company uses headshots of our team members who are attending in our content so that if people go to the event, they know who they are looking for if they are interested in talking to us. When possible, it’s also a great idea to link to relevant pages in your post for more information on the event, even if it’s a blog post on your own company’s website. That helps push potential customers to your website from your social media pages and from there, people can choose to learn more about your company, and then decide they are interested in working with you.  

Meet The Team Showcases:  

Show off the faces that your followers and clients are working with or could work with. It helps to make it a more personable experience, and it is always helpful to put a face to the name. It also helps for tradeshows and events to know who you are looking for if you want to connect with someone at the company. If clients want to talk to the featured person to learn more about the company, this is a great opportunity to send a LinkedIn request and start that professional connection!  


Don’t be afraid to use keyword hashtags to help reach more people. Even just a handful of keywords that relate to your content can help it reach a relevant audience, full of potential clients. You can even search hashtags of relevant content to make connections with other folks in the industry and set up potential partnerships.

Now that you have some ideas about how to stay active on social media, go out there and share some content! And feel free to follow Bridge Loan Network on INSTAGRAM, TWITTER, FACEBOOK, and LINKEDIN.

Geraci Captivate 2022

Bridge Loan Network is looking forward to being a sponsor for this year’s Captivate Conference held at Encore at Wynn in Las Vegas August 21st through 23rd.  

Geraci Conferences’ Captivate is designed to attract attendees who are ready to fund and close their next deals. The show features industry legend-led presentations, countless potential new relationships, guided networking opportunities, and thousands of proved connections from years’ past, this event is one you can’t afford to miss. 

We are also proud to be a sponsor for the Women in Private Lending Cocktail Party on Sunday, August 21st starting at 5:00pm. The Women in Private Lending Group is a network for women in the private lending industry, across all aspects, to inspire, collaborate, mentor, and to hold each other up. At its core, The Women in Private Lending Group is a forum for sharing ideas, solving obstacles, and promoting innovation. 

You can find more information about Geraci’s Captivate Conference by clicking HERE.

Be sure to stop by the Bridge Loan Network booth and talk to Business Development Specialist, Jacob Therrien, and Marketing Manager, Erica Sikoski. 

Originator Connect 2022

Join Bridge Loan Network for Originator Connect August 19th through 21st in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino. Originator Connect is a 3-day weekend event filled with workshops, sessions, product showcases, and plenty of networking opportunities. Come early for the pre-conference events happening Thursday, August 18, specifically the Private Lender Forum, of which Bridge Loan Network is a co-host alongside Private Lender, RCN Capital. 

Our Business Development Coordinator, Jacob Therrien, will be also presenting “Deal Transparency – How Tech Pulls Back the Curtain” on Saturday August 20 at 8:45am. During this informative session, Jacob will discuss how mortgage brokers are utilizing technology in their process to create deal transparency, the different tech solutions to add to your broker toolbox and how to be involved in the entire lending process. 

To end the conference with a bull ride and cocktail, join us as we co-host Wagon Wheelin’ & Dealin’ Saturday August 20, 8:00pm-11:00pm. Join RCN Capital, Appraisal Nation, & Bridge Loan Network at PBR Rock Bar & Grill for the Official Originator Connect After Party! Wrist bands & Invites are available at any of the host’s booths: RCN Capital at booth 309, Appraisal Nation at booth 218, Bridge Loan Network at booth 207. 

Stop by to visit the Bridge Loan Network team! 

Learn more about Originator Connect and find the full schedule of events by clicking HERE.