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Bridge Loan Network

Bridge Loan Network, LLC is a leading online marketplace serving the asset-based lending market. We provide a centralized platform that aggregates loans from borrowers and brokers to direct hard money lenders.

Bridge Loan Network was founded by leading industry experts with decades of experience in both real estate and online marketplaces. We built an asset-based marketplace that includes a unique loan origination system and web applications that are specifically built for the asset-based lending industry. Additionally, the marketplace greatly increases the efficiency and lowers the cost of the lending process giving users the ability to order credit reports and property valuations directly from the platform.

Jonathan Allen

Jonathan Allen founded Bridge Loan Network in 2013 and is currently responsible for the day-to-day operations of the company. Allen has decades of experience in both the real estate industry and in the management of leading online marketplaces. His experiences in both industries led to the development of a unique marketplace for the private lending industry.

Allen is also a licensed real estate broker with extensive relationships in the private lending space. Since the founding of the company, he has on-boarded over 300 brokers and lenders that actively use the marketplace.

“It is our mission to provide superior technology that increases efficiency in the real estate private lending industry. We aim to provide a service that caters to the unique needs of private lending. By streamlining the loan process, our clients can increase workload efficiency, close more deals, lower expenses and increase their revenue. The real estate private lending industry serves a critical need by financing the rehabilitation of properties that improve the quality of life in neighborhoods, cities and the country. By increasing the efficiency of the private lending process, we hope to improve the quality of our neighborhood, cities and the country.”

– Jonathan Allen, President of Operations