Keep All Your Loan Documents In One Place

Our online lending portal allows brokers and even borrowers to submit completed loan documents. These documents are stored “in the cloud” meaning on a secure server which can only be accessed by the brokers or borrowers themselves along with pre-screened lenders. As a lender or broker in your industry it’s likely you already deploy a website a part of your marketing mix. We’ll integrate our software with your existing website giving you and your clients all in one access to the loan as it flows from a submitted deal, to a closed deal.

Benefits Include:

  • Brokers submit the application only once
  • Lenders, view these applications all at once to determine which requests meet your lending criteria
  • Saves brokers, borrowers and the lenders time
  • Saves brokers, borrowers and the lenders money
  • Access to our portal is free
  • All lenders are pre-screened by Bridge Loan Network, then rated by brokers just like you, so you can be confident you’re networking with a trusted lender

Features Include:

  • Our robust system can handle all documents pertaining to loans including underwriting documents and detailed information on the property and the borrower
  • Lenders interested in a loan package can directly contact brokers, in addition communication can take place over our secure messaging platform
  • Bridge Loan Network has the ability to run credit reports which are valid for 90 days, making the entire lending process smooth and efficient

For more information please review our FAQ’s page.

*Bridge Loan Network receives a small fee, paid by the borrower, on every loan closed through the referral portal.